A sample of frequently asked questions is below.  Please get in touch if you can’t find the answer to your question. enquiries@badam.org.uk

What is IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver?

IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver is the name the IAM gives to its advanced driving programme. We will help you prepare for the advanced driving test by offering tips and guidance over a series of drives, in your own car with an IAM Observer.

The drives will cover all types of road and with briefings and discussion you should allow at least 90 mins for each drive. Associates will usually take between 6 and 20 drives, spread over a few months, before they are ready for the advanced test.

All of your observed drives and the advanced test itself are included in the course cost.

How much does it cost?

The cost is £149; much less than you would expect for a full advanced driving course.

I have penalty points on my licence! Does that matter?

IAM RoadSmart no longer bars candidates from taking the advanced driver course and advanced driving test with points on their licence – no matter how many as long as you are not banned from driving or have a prosecution pending.

How can I join?

You can join online from here or you can contact enquiries@badam.org.uk to request further information.

What is an IAM RoadSmart Observer?

An IAM RoadSmart Observer is a highly trained and skilful advanced driver. RoadSmart Observers will have undergone a number of further stringent driving tests and examinations since passing their advanced driver test and they are re-tested regularly to ensure consistency of standards in their driving and training techniques.

Are there female IAM RoadSmart Observers?

Yes, BADAM has a number of female observers.

How often are the observed drives?

Normally, the duration of an observe drive would be around 1 ½ hours – once a week – but the frequency is decided between you and your Observer.

Where do the observed drives take place?

You will usually meet at your Observer’s house and, just as in the advanced driver test, the drives use your own car and cover all types of roads and traffic situation although you will not be expected to drive if weather conditions would make it dangerous.

Your IAM RoadSmart Observer will give you at least one demonstration drive in their own vehicle to highlight various advanced techniques and to show you how the System of Car Control is integrated into advanced driving.

How many observed drives will I need before my advanced driving test?

The number of drives you will need is dependent on how well you drive and how quickly you adapt to the new advanced techniques. On average, you will need around ten drives before you are ‘test ready’ but you do have six months and as many drives as you need during that time to prepare.

Who conducts the IAM RoadSmart advanced tests?

All advanced driver tests are conducted by carefully selected IAM RoadSmart Examiners. They are either serving or retired Class 1 Police Advanced Drivers and will have extensive experience from working within the Traffic Units of the Police. Bristol Advanced Motorists has four IAM RoadSmart Examiners working with and advising us.

How long is the IAM RoadSmart test?

The IAM RoadSmart advanced driver test usually lasts around 90 minutes and covers 35 to 40 miles on all types of roads including motorways, dual carriageways, town driving, minor roads and country lanes.

What does the IAM RoadSmart Examiner look for on the test?

The IAM RoadSmart Examiner is looking at the whole drive. They are trained to search for positive aspects as well as negative. The Examiner will be honest and forthright regarding your overall ability and looks for the confident application and competence in all aspects of the drive.

There are no tricks in the test and no attempts to catch you out – in fact IAM RoadSmart Examiners are on your side and want you to pass the test!

Is there a written part on the IAM test?

No. But be prepared for the IAM RoadSmart Examiner asking you to tell him about a particular road sign or marking, or if you’ve spotted something he’s seen in the far distance!

What’s next after I’ve taken the test?

Once you have passed your IAM RoadSmart advanced driver test there are a number of options open to you. If it’s been some time since you took the advanced test you may be wondering if your driving standards have changed. BADAM offers various events such as 3-in-a-car sessions and Observer Training.

IAM RoadSmart also offers the IAM RoadSmart Masters which is designed to be the ultimate Advanced Driving challenge for civilian drivers. It offers drivers an opportunity to demonstrate their driving skills to the highest possible standard.