Test Passes

Congratulations to the following members on their recent achievements:

IAM Test Passes

  • Ruth Faber observed by Robin Harris
  • Suzanne Logan* observed by Roland Hindmarsh
  • Jon Reeves observed by Alistair Andrews
  • Rob Reeves* observed by David Moreman
  • Oliver Tatar* observed by Val Czerny

[* denotes F1RST pass]

IMI National Observer

  • Lindsay Flower

IAM RoadSmart Fellow

  • Clive Merchant

New Associates

A warm welcome to the following new associates:

  • Andrew Dunn [Observer: Eddie Ruskin ]
  • Jon Reeves [Observer: Alistair Andrews]
  • Rosemary Tandy [Observer: Lindsay Flower]
  • Oliver Tatar [Observer: Val Czerny]
  • Penny Walker [Observer: Peter Huntington]
  • Geoffrey Wilson [Observer: Ray Robbetts]